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5 Reasons to See Cavalia with Kids

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I’ll be honest, before I went to see Odysseo, the second incarnation of Cavalia productions, I didn’t know what all the fuss was about. Fortunately after watching the two-hour adventure rich with acrobats, trick riders, horses, aerialists, dancers and musicians, I was cured of my ignorance. Cavalia is a spellbinding ride that’s designed for animal-loving families. Here are five reasons you should gallop over to see Cavalia with kids.

White horses in water

Over 70 horses take to the stage in Cavalia’s Odysseo and a lake magically fills the arena in less than five minutes (Photo by Cavalia)

Hurrah for horses!

Tearing it up under the big top are 70 horses from 11 different breeds. Make no mistake, this is a show designed around four-legged performers and tender interactions between human and horse. Cavalia demonstrates equestrian arts at it’s finest. From dressage to roman riding (when the rider stands on top of two trotting horses), to trick riding, animal lovers will be amazed at the talent and temperament of these stunning creatures.

Cavalia Roman Riding

Roman riding is just one of the equestrian arts you’ll see at Cavalia (Photo by Cavalia)

Sublime setting

The backdrop of the performance is as impressive as the show itself. Massive white tents, flags billowing under a blue sky and bombastic beats build a sense of frenzy among overly excited kids. The traffic-stopping white big top is the largest touring tent in the world, spanning over 47,000 square feet. Inside the tent layers of dazzling decor create a magical journey, enhanced by a projection canvas the size of three IMAX screens!

Odysseo rider with horse

A rider with his noble steed calming down after the show (Photo by Jody Robbins)

Cavalia with kids

The show begins in a misty forest where a herd of horses play under the rolling sky, before taking the audience to some of nature’s greatest wonders without having to leave their seats. You will journey to Easter Island, the African Savanna and the northern lights during Cavalia’s Odysseo.

Performance artist

Stunning acrobatics on running blades! (Photo by Cavalia)

Performance artists

Cavalia productions can be compared to Cirque de Solei, but for animal lovers. You’ve got gravity-defying stunts and feats of strength performed by aerialists and acrobats. Then there’s African dancers keeping the vibe lively, as do performance artists who bounce through the show on running blades. Throw in a live band, classically trained ballerinas, and of course those horses and you’ve got a confluence of performance artists seamlessly weaving their magic under one roof.

Odysseo trick riding

Kids, don’t try trick riding at home! (Photo by Cavalia)

Value for money

As a parent, it’s can be hard to decide which attractions are worth it. Nobody wants to shell out for tickets only to have the kid fall asleep in their seats. There’s little fear of that at Cavalia, but when prices start at $29 a pop, it’s not the end of the world if they do get fussy (which, I’ll wager, they will not). When you consider all of the entertainment, from the live music to the animals, to the acrobats and dancers, it’s solid value for the money.

Trust me, you won’t want to horse around the next time Cavalia trots into town. Tickets sell out fast, so best giddy up!

Would you like to see Cavalia with kids? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Saucy Travel Mama: Thank you to Cavalia and Bottom Line Productions for hosting me at Odysseo. As always, my opinions are my own.

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  1. We just saw cavalia in south Korea with our two year old and five year old. Not only was the show spectacular and the horses were beautiful but the best part for me as a parent was how wonderful and friendly the entire staff was. They were extremely accommodating even allowing us to upgrade to VIP tickets so we can enjoy the food and horse meet and greet afterwards. Cavalia was an amazing experience for the whole family and I would definitely recommend seeing it with children! Hands down cavalia was one of the best family outings we’ve been on so far.

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