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How many steps are there in the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has stood, slightly askew, for hundreds of years. This iconic crooked landmark in Italy was supposed to stand straight. But it gained its famous sideways slant thanks to the unstable soil on which it was constructed and poor planning. This free-standing bell tower accompanies a cathedral and baptistry in the […]

Multigenerational Vacation in Rome

One grandma, two parents, three young kids. That was the makeup of our multigenerational vacation in Rome earlier this year. Despite being seasoned family travelers who knew our way around Rome back when my husband and I were newlyweds, we weren’t prepared for the nuances of traveling with multiple age groups. Here are four tips […]

Tips for Visiting Rome with Kids in Winter

Prices, crowds and temperatures drop in Italy’s famed capital city during the off-season. Got your heart set on a Roman holiday, family-style? Here are some tips for visiting Rome with kids in winter. Take advantage of winter crowds and prices. Crowds of tourists in Rome are next to nothing during winter. Additionally, many lodging and […]

5 Finds for Families with Kids in Sicily

Most visitors to Sicily head for the old world charm of Palermo, the biothermal wonder of Mount Aetna or the antiquated charm of Taormina and Agrigento—all well worth a visit. But take one of the smaller exits off the autostrada anywhere near the coast, as we did this summer when my family of five and […]

Sun, Sand & Sea in Sardinia

After many days on the go, go, go touring historic European sites, a beach day Sardinian-style was just what the Travel Mama ordered!

Vacation Savoring Lessons Learned in Sorrento & Pompeii

This was the most frustrating day of our Disney Cruise through the Mediterranean. It’s not that Sorrento and Pompeii themselves were bothersome or not worthy of a visit – quite the opposite, in fact! From great frustrations, one can learn great lessons. Here’s what I learned about how to make the most of your limited vacation days.