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I’ve got oh-so-many funny intros running through my head for this breastfeeding while traveling round-up, none of which would be appropriate for Travel Mamas. If you’ve got a baby, and you’ve got milk, read these stories about breastfeeding with traveling.

breastfeeding while traveling tips

That’s my boy, Leo. I don’t have any photos of me breastfeeding my kids. I wouldn’t share them if I did. (Too bashful!)

Travel with a Breastfeeding Baby

by Corinne McDermott, Have Baby Will Travel
Corinne gives some handy tips for breastfeeding while traveling in this post.

Travel Recommendations for the Nursing Mother

by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Here are recommendations for nursing moms for travel with babies, how to keep milk supply up when traveling without the baby, and regulations and rights for breastfeeding during air travel.

TSA Apologizes to ‘Humiliated’ Mom for Breast-Pump Gaff

by Elaine Porterfield, TODAY Travel on
Check out this story about one woman who was recently told she couldn’t board an airplane with empty nursing bottles. You know, because nursing bottles are such a threat to other passengers and all (but only when empty, of course). I sigh with great annoyance and disappointment in your general direction, TSA.

Important Information on Traveling with Formula, Breast Milk and Juice

by Transportation Security Administration
Confused about what you can and cannot bring on an airplane according to the good ol’ TSA? Read about how to bring liquids and baby foods for your wee one on board a flight, straight from the Transportation Security Administration. You might want to print this to have handy at airport security check-in, just in case you have any problems.

Do you have any tips or questions about breastfeeding with traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I have acutally found that traveling with a breastfeeding baby is much easier than I anticipated. The best part – you always have food ready for your babe! I became best friends with my nursing cover and found shirts that had deep v-neck openings for easy nursing. And my biggest tip for traveling WITHOUT your nursing baby – remember to pack your breast pump! On my last trip I was 2 hours down the road when I realized that I’d forgotten this essential item…luckily, a cheap handpump got me through the trip, but it’s a mistaken I won’t make again!!

  2. Joann Woolley says

    Nursing babies make great travel companions! Way better than crying babies especially on airplanes ; )

  3. Breast milk is made from nutrients in the mother’s bloodstream and bodily stores. Breast milk has just the right amount of fat, sugar, water, and protein that is needed for a baby’s growth and development.

  4. Nicole at Arrows Sent Forth says

    For baby #2, I bought a travel boppy to help make nursing on the go more comfortable for both of us. I absolutely love it and it comes with us everywhere!

  5. I like your blog graphic – is it custom made, or maybe some public template? Where can I download it from?

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Thank you for the compliment on the Travel Mamas graphics! Travel Mamas was custom designed.

  6. I’m travelling with my new baby in a couple of weeks and it is a stress out worrying about what bottles and formulas you’re allowed on board. I’m going to take your advice and print out the information on what liquids and baby foods you can take just in case I have any problems at the security check-in.

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