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Travel with me to Albany, New York and far beyond as The Travel Mamas’ Guide virtual book tour takes us to Albany Kid. Led by savvy Sandra Foyt, this family travel blog is packed with fun ideas for interest-led trips and expert advice to make your travel dreams a reality.

5 Questions with Albany KidAbout Sandra and Albany Kid

In addition to acting as editor of AlbanyKid.com, Sandra is the co-founder of GetawayMavens.com, a turnkey guide to offbeat escapes in the Northeast. A former enrichment coach, Sandra lived in Latin America, the Caribbean, and on both U.S. coasts before settling in New York with two teens, an outdoorsy husband, and a well-indulged Chocolate Lab.

Quoted as one of the many travel experts in The Travel Mamas’ Guide, Sandra says, “Some of our most memorable family adventures in distant cities—Buenos Aires, Prague, and Paris, among others—took place when we tailored our activities to our kids’ interests. That meant forgoing the nightlife for kid-friendly attractions like zoos, playgrounds, and even grocery stores. But by adjusting to a child’s pace and needs, we experienced foreign cultures like natives, and were much the richer for the experience.”

Sandra Foyt, Albany Kid

Sandra traveling with her family via Buddha Air

5 Questions with Albany Kid

Who is your favorite travel partner?
“Don’t tell my husband, but my kids are my favorite travel partners. It’s exciting to see a place through fresh eyes. I get to learn about the world with them. And they never say no to dessert.”

What is your favorite destination for traveling with kids?
“I love driving across the United States with my kids. We get along so much better when disconnected from our stressful lives. Every day brings new experiences, new friends, and new opportunities for understanding who we are and who we can be.

This summer my son and I are going to take on the Lincoln Highway, ‘America’s First Highway.’ The coast-to-coast road, which runs from New York City to San Francisco, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this summer. We’re looking forward to discovering the route’s stories: who built it, and what’s there now.”

What is the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted when traveling?
“I have a tremendous sweet tooth and a curious streak when it comes to food. Dulce de leche ranks at the top of my list of most delicious foods, but that’s probably due to my Argentine background. If I had to narrow it down, I’d go with cherries picked from trees in Oregon’s fruit loop region. Nothing beats fresh-picked sweetness!”

What is one activity or type of attraction you always seek out when traveling?
“I always include high-adrenaline outdoor adventures on our trips. They’re a sure-fire way of forgetting all the worries of daily life, and they’re an excellent form of family team building. Plus, they help burn off the calories that come from sampling decadent treats.”

Why did you become a travel blogger?
“I started travel writing at age 10 when I took my brand-new diary to Puerto Rico over Christmas vacation. Journaling my travels is something I’ve always done; only the technology has changed.

Blogging, on the other hand, began when homeschooling my son six years ago. It was a way to share our journey with others so that they could learn from our experience. Then, when my son went back to traditional schooling, I still wanted to continue inspiring lifelong learners. So I started a new blog that focused on enriching family travel.”

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