5 Reasons Moms Should Plan a Spa Vacation with Girlfriends

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Moms deserve a spa vacation with girlfriends more than anyone I know. Our days are filled with breaking up sibling fights over who gets the bigger half of the cookie, overseeing homework, and shuttling kids from school to t-ball and tap lessons. To our horror, we often say things like, “Who cut circles out of all the bed sheets?” and, “Do not put that in your nose!” Not only do moms deserve a spa vacation, but also there are benefits to taking this time away for self care. Take a look at these five reasons moms should plan a spa vacation with girlfriends.

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Moms deserve a girlfriend spa break (Photo credit: VILevi, istockphoto.com)

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A spa vacation will help you be a better mom.

No really. Sometimes we need to be selfish to be selfless. Being on constant mom-duty can wear a gal down. A vacation from the chaos for a few days will give you time to reflect and appreciate the things you love about being a parent: craft projects made with love from macaroni and glue and given to you with prideful smile, the occassional unsolicited, “I love you, Mom,” and the angelic faces of your sleeping (and silent) children. The break will leave you recharged and ready to resume the role of Supermom.

Become a better partner after your spa break.

After a day in the mommy trenches, it’s no wonder we don’t feel much in the mood for romance. We’re too busy picking playdough out of our hair and too tired to slip into something slinky. A massage and a sauna will leave you feeling like a real woman and ready to tackle romance again. Relationship Expert John Gray, Ph.D. says in his book Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice, “A healthy distance from your partner can spark and sustain feelings of attraction. If spouses or lovers are together all the time, then there is no opportunity to experience the pleasure of coming together.”

Take time to connect with friends.

We need girlfriends. Girlfriends get us. They appreciate it when we brag about the deal we nabbed on a new pair of shoes. And they understand why we feel left out because we weren’t asked by a child’s teacher to be the room mom — even though we have no interest in being the room mom. Where better to discuss such important topics than at the spa? The only thing that makes a spa day better is sharing it with one of your besties.

A spa day might help you live longer.

According to Gray, women need to nurture and feel nurtured to be happy. I think that’s why we crave the spa so much. And recent research proves that happy people live longer.

You deserve it.

If you’re like me, your to-do list is a mile long. You are go-go-going all day, keeping the house semi-organized, planning the birthday party, volunteering at the school’s picnic, and making dental appointments. You deserve a break. Gray says, “A woman needs regular vacations or little getaways to escape all of the little things that remind her of her responsibilities.” Amen.

There you have it, five excuses reasons you should immediately start planning a spa vacation with girlfriends. You may want to print this out and hang it on your honey’s bathroom mirror (encircling the bit about being a better partner in red, of course).

Which spa breaks do you recommend for a girlfriend getaway? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Deanna- Mommygaga says

    I recommend the Hyatt Mission Bay, San Diego, CA. Their new eco-friendly spa is amazing and I could just die there!

  2. Angela Quisumbing says

    My sisters and cousins always head up to Glen Ivy! We love the mud bath! I’m really looking forward to trying the spa services at Sè Spa at Hotel Palomar! They have a beautiful relaxation room! Love your list!

  3. Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

    Thanks for the recommendations, Deanna & Angela!

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