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Las Vegas Girlfriend Getaway Tips

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I love visiting Las Vegas, especially with friends. With plenty of action, shows and free-flowing drinkies, Las Vegas makes a great spot for a quick grown-up getaway. Once you arrive, you’re ready to play without needing to drive much (or at all) for the rest of your stay. Here are 10 tips for a fabulous Las Vegas girlfriend getaway.

10 Tips for a Las Vegas Girlfriend Getaway

1. Make restaurant reservations in advance and skip the buffet.

Las Vegas has become one of the most famous culinary cities of the world. With well-known chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Jean Georges, and Julian Serrano setting up shop all along the Strip, the temptations are many. Demand is high for these celebrity restaurants, so you’d best book your meals in advance. Otherwise, you might end up dining super early or super late…or at McDonald’s.

To many, Las Vegas is synonymous with giant buffets piled with every imaginable food. With so many incredible dining options, why waste your calories on such gluttony? Besides, most women can’t eat enough food to justify the hefty buffet price tag (and may overeat in trying to do so). Instead, I like to order a reasonable breakfast like yogurt or eggs from room service, eat a salad or sandwich from a cafe for lunch, and splurge on a delicious, upscale resto meal for dinner.

Potatoes Brava at Julian Serrano Tapas

Potatoes Brava at Julian Serrano Tapas (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Food is more fun when it’s shared! If you and your besties love tasting lots of different dishes, I recommend Julian Serrano Tapas at the Aria. For a truly decadent meal you’ll always remember, your crew will flip for Twist at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The elegant decor, floor-to-ceiling grand view, and outstanding food are worth the splurge on one of their tasting menus.

Splurge on an elegant meal at Twist during your Las Vegas girlfriend getaway

Splurge on an elegant meal at Twist during your Las Vegas girlfriend getaway (Photo credit: Twist)

2. Set a gambling limit…and stick to it!

Whether you’re a card shark or a casual slot player, set a gambling limit for yourself before leaving home. To be sure to stick to your limit, tell your travel mates your spending cap and ask them to help you avoid the lure of ATMs. Another trick is to set a cap on earnings, meaning that if you’re ever up by, say $25, you will cash out immediately and find something else to do.

Keep in mind, typically the swankier the casino, the more difficult the odds of winning on machines and the bigger the buy-in on tables. You might have a better chance of winning if you hit the older casinos off the strip. But if ambiance is what you’re after, you’ll want to stick to the fancier casinos at big players like the Aria, Bellagio, or Monte Carlo.

The chic Aria Casino ~ Las Vegas Girlfriend Getaway tips

The chic Aria Casino is where to go to gamble in style (Photo credit: MGM)

3. Get tickets to a Las Vegas show.

Vegas just wouldn’t be Vegas without seeing some incredible live entertainment. From big time entertainers like Celine Dion to risque reviews, magic shows, stand-up comedy and spectaculars like Blue Man Group, there’s something sure to please you and your gal pals. Personally, I’m partial to Cirque du Soleil productions for their artistry, music and displays of mind-boggling tricks and talent. Zumanity at New York New York is just the right amount of naughty for a Las Vegas girlfriend getaway.

Zumanity at New York New York is just the right amount of naughty for a Las Vegas girlfriend getaway

Zumanity at New York New York is just the right amount of naughty for a Las Vegas girlfriend getaway (Photo credit: MGM)

4. Just dance!

If you’re like me, becoming a mom put a serious damper on your night club schedule. When you’re lucky enough to jet off for a Las Vegas girlfriend getaway, be sure to hit the dance floor at least one night during your stay. Not sure where to go? JEWEL at Aria tops this list of the 10 best nightclubs in Las Vegas.

JEWEL at Aria is one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas

JEWEL at Aria is one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas (Photo credit: MGM)

5. Pack both fancy and comfy outfits.

Before leaving home, print out a packing list to be sure you don’t forget anything. Las Vegas gives us ladies a chance to pull out those cocktail dresses and put them to good use. It’s an opportunity to wear those big, sparkling earrings that seem too gaudy at home, and maybe show off a bit more décolletage than you normally would. It’s Vegas, baby!

Be sure to pack things that are more understated and comfortable to wear for exploring for each day, too. Still, you don’t want to look like a slouch. Think skinny jeans with a cute top and fun accessories.

If you’ll be walking outside, keep in mind that Las Vegas can get extremely hot, especially if visiting during summer when temps can reach 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you should pack lightweight, breathable clothing.

No matter when visiting, pack your swimsuit! Las Vegas hotel pools are a delightful draw and most spas offer hot tubs and steam rooms.

Of course you want to bring a kicky pair of heels (or two or three) to wear to clubs and casinos. But, keep in mind you will likely do A LOT of walking. Distances are deceptively long in Las Vegas, even if you’re just headed across the street or even remaining within the same casino. Pack a pair of foldable shoes to toss in your purse to make the journey more enjoyable.

Hit the dance floor on your Las Vegas girlfriend getaway

Bring clothes for clubbing as well as for exploring or lounging during the day (Photo credit: pressmaster,

6. Invite the right girlfriends.

Of course it’s important to invite the right friends for any trip, but this is especially true when planning a Las Vegas girlfriend getaway. Are you teetotaler? You probably don’t want to invite friends who like to drink cocktails nonstop, and vice versa. Discuss expectations about activities, meals, and schedules before leaving home. When I first became a mom, I booked a Las Vegas trip with a single girlfriend. I was excited to let loose for a change and stay out late dancing and gambling. Meanwhile, she was in bed asleep by 10 pm each night, leaving me to hit the blackjack tables solo.

Chill out at the Aria pool with your girlfriends in Las Vegas

Chill out at the Aria pool with your girlfriends (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

7. Stay hydrated and avoid hangovers.

Las Vegas is a desert and is therefore, well, dry. If you’ll be lazing poolside (and you should!) or walking much during the day, be sure to drink lots of water or electrolyte infused drinks.

It can be tempting to get your drink on the minute you touch down in Vegas (or on the plane there). But pace yourself. You want to have a memorable, fun time with your friends, not lay in bed with a hangover puzzling over fuzzy nights.

ESPA at Vdara is one of the best spas for a Las Vegas girlfriend getaway

ESPA at Vdara is one of the best spas in Las Vegas (Photo credit: MGM)

8. Indulge in a spa day.

No Las Vegas girlfriend getaway would be complete without a day at the spa! ESPA at VDARA consistently ranks among the best spas in Vegas. This spa provides the ultimate in pampering, with elegant relaxation rooms, hot tub with waterfall, lounge stocked with healthy snacks and teas, and an array of relaxing treatments. You can’t go wrong booking a facial, massage, body treatment or salon service at ESPA.

Just one of the many works of art on the Indoor Hike at the Aria

Just one of the many works of art on the Indoor Hike at the Aria (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

9. Work off Sin City calories.

I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but you might gain some weight during your Las Vegas girlfriend getaway. With all that free-flowing booze in casinos and high-calorie meals out, I gained three pounds during my last trip to Vegas. And it took me two whole months to lose them. That was with me working out while there, too! Yes, you’ll be walking a lot but I recommend stepping it up a notch by hitting your hotel gym. Then you can indulge in tasty meals and drinks with less guilt. For a unique workout, Aria hotel guests can book the Indoor Hike, a combination tour of Aria’s $40 million public fine art collection plus exercise session with a fitness instructor.

Aria Sky Suite bedroom, bath tub, living area and sunset view

Aria Sky Suite bedroom, bath tub, living area and sunset view (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

10. Book the right hotel for your Las Vegas girlfriend getaway.

Nowhere is booking the right hotel more important than in Las Vegas. You want to be in the thick of things so you can easily reach the glitz, restaurants, shops, shows and casinos of the Strip. But you also want a peaceful retreat in which to retire for the evening. Enter Aria. Among the largest rooms on the Las Vegas Strip, the Sky Suites at Aria boast over 1,000 square feet of space. In a one-bedroom suite, expect a separate living area, a bedroom with an incredible view of the strip, and a swanky bathroom with dual sinks and crazy touches like a heated toilet seat and television in the vanity. Plus, Aria Sky Suite guests receive complimentary limousine service to and from the airport.

If traveling with more than a couple of friends, consider booking a two-bedroom Sky Suite for even more space. If money is no object, book a Sky Villa for two-stories of up to 7,000 square feet. (And invite me along!) Read more about the Aria and book your Las Vegas girlfriend getaway via TripAdvisor now.

What’s your favorite thing about a Las Vegas girlfriend getaway? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Travel Mama: MGM hosted me during a stay at Aria Resort & Casino. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are mine, as always. This story was originally posted in 2015 and was updated in 2017.

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  1. This looks like a great trip to take a break from work/life and just chill and have fun!!

  2. Claudia Laroye says

    How is it that I’ve never been to Vegas?!? Targeting Fall 2015 to plan some girlfriend fun in Sin City!

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Oh yes, you must go, Claudia! Las Vegas makes for a great girlfriend getaway or romantic retreat!

  3. Jody Robbins, The Saucy Travel Mama says

    We stayed at Aria before and had a great experience. I’ve never been to Vegas on a girl’s trip and think it would be awesome!

  4. Vegas is one of my favorite places to meet up with girlfriends for all the reasons you mention above! It’s the only place where you can feel free to dance the night away like the old days! Just thinking about it makes me smile. Will have to check out the Aria next time!

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Amy – Agreed! Those Sky Suites at Aria really are a great choice for your next Vegas girlfriend getaway with all that extra space and the killer views. Plus, limo service from the airport is a pretty awesome start to your trip!

  5. Luke Mitchell says

    I’m going to send this post to my wife, she’s in need of some time away with her “girls” for sure… work’s been some long and rough hours through winter and there’s nothing better than some time away from everything with a good guide.

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Luke – What a good husband you are! Your wife is lucky to have such a sweet partner who is concerned about her happiness…and who is willing to spare her for a few days so she can getaway with her friends!

  6. Sounds like a blast! I’ve yet to make it to Vegas.

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      What?! Vegas makes such a fun-filled, quick geatway. I hope you’ll be able to take a trip there sometime soon!

  7. Delores Lyon says

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips! I think that having a fun spa day with your friends would be amazing! They are such a great way to relax in an otherwise very busy vacation. Plus, the foot massage would be especially nice if you’ve been walking around a lot.

  8. Hello…I’ve never been to Vegas but I am planning my 4th birthday there next Summer..
    My plan is to go all out but I am traveling with others on a budget…Which hotel will give me the luxury I want but on the budget they need?

  9. My *45th birthday*

  10. Las Vegas is a fun place if you plan with friends or Girlfriend. It is not a family place and these tips will be helpful for boys.

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      I agree, Sapana! I am not a big fan of Vegas with kids. But I bet guys could benefit from these tips, too. (Besides some of the fashion tips!)

  11. Paulina Gaitan says

    Great Post! Las Vegas really is the ultimate grown-up getaway!

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Agreed! And it’s such an easy destination that does not require tons of research – just pick your dates, pick your shows, pick your restaurants + go!

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