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  1. I agree with you that the Costa Cruise ship disaster is sobering, especially knowing that it was due to human error. The cruise lines that I have sailed – Regent, Silversea and Seabourn – take safety very seriously. The muster drill is on the first time the ship leaves port and there are weekly crew drills that don’t involve the passengers. This should be a wakeup call to the entire cruise industry to tighten up safety practices. I’m especially interested to know if crew who man the lifeboats in an emergency (I’m talking cabin attendants and wait staff) are prepared to actually lower the lifeboats. That seemed to be in question during the Costa disaster.

  2. This story haunted me as well. Cruising has not been my favorite way to travel. But if I get the urge, I will definitely think twice before booking with them after handling an accident this way.

  3. Having recently taken our family on a Mediterranean cruise, this story hit close to home. We also had a muster drill within hours of boarding the ship but I must say that there was a real feeling of security on our huge Royal Caribbean ship, which was like a city inside. It was hard to imagine that anything could go wrong. Our crew was extremely attentive to the passengers’ needs and we felt quite “pampered.” However, I don’t know how our crew members would have responded in a situation such as the Costa Concordia disaster. No one -neither passengers or crew – ever expects such a dire situation to occur and I’m not sure the crew members on any cruise have the education or training to handle such a catastrophe. It sounds like it was “every man for himself” in the Costa situation – definitely something I will consider before booking another cruise with any company.

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