Breastfeeding While Traveling – World Tour of the Web

I’ve got oh-so-many funny intros running through my head for this breastfeeding while traveling World Tour of the Web, none of which would be appropriate for Travel Mamas. If you’ve got a baby, and you’ve got milk, read these stories. That’s my boy, Leo. I don’t have any photos of me breastfeeding my kids. I wouldn’t share them […]

Air Travel World Tour of the Web

Fasten your lap belt and return your seat to its proper position because you’re about to take flight with a round-up of air travel inspired stories in this week’s World Tour of the Web. TSA Watch: Why Underwear Protests Really Embarass You by Christopher Elliott For safety reasons, I refuse to go through the “naked” scanners or have my […]

Air Travel “Jetiquette” Begins with Mom and Dad

“Jetiquette” was once only used to describe acceptable guest behavior when hitching a ride on someone else’s private jet. However, the term has come to mean so much more. Here are some jetiquette tips for families from Gailen David, a flight attendant, blogger, and weekly podcast host.