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Avoid Nasty Germs at Airport Security with Cootie Booties

Is there anyone who actually enjoys going through airport security? It’s such a pain to keep all of your gels and liquids separate and stored in tiny containers. You’ve got to empty your pockets, remove laptops from their cases and remember to down your bottled water. Then you get naked scanned while standing with legs […]

Breastfeeding While Traveling – World Tour of the Web

I’ve got oh-so-many funny intros running through my head for this breastfeeding while traveling World Tour of the Web, none of which would be appropriate for Travel Mamas. If you’ve got a baby, and you’ve got milk, read these stories. That’s my boy, Leo. I don’t have any photos of me breastfeeding my kids. I wouldn’t share them […]

Air Travel World Tour of the Web

Fasten your lap belt and return your seat to its proper position because you’re about to take flight with a round-up of air travel inspired stories in this week’s World Tour of the Web. TSA Watch: Why Underwear Protests Really Embarass You by Christopher Elliott For safety reasons, I refuse to go through the “naked” scanners or have my […]

Air Travel “Jetiquette” Begins with Mom and Dad

“Jetiquette” was once only used to describe acceptable guest behavior when hitching a ride on someone else’s private jet. However, the term has come to mean so much more. Here are some jetiquette tips for families from Gailen David, a flight attendant, blogger, and weekly podcast host.

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