Confessions of a Family Travel Blogger

Confessions of a family travel blogger

The life of a family travel blogger may seem super exciting, and in many ways it is. I get to travel A LOT. You might think I have got this travel thing 100% down…that my children are always well-behaved, seasoned travelers and that I sail through airports with a smile. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, my friends, […]

Create a Reverse Bucket List – An Exercise in Gratitude and Pride


You might have bucket list filled with wishes you hope to one day fulfill. But what about a reverse bucket list? Writing down your achieved goals gives a sense of gratitude and pride. A reverse bucket list provides an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve already accomplished instead of always longing for something else.  Why make […]

Why Travel to Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert - Enjoy the Silence (credit C. Laroye)

In contrast to the serious turmoil of many of its neighbors, Jordan stands out as a peaceful oasis in the Middle East. Despite its financial difficulties, the country conveys a feeling of stability and is ruled by a king beloved by Jordanians. This is a great thing for anyone who wants to experience Jordan’s amazing […]

Overtime Bag – For Travel, Work & Motherhood

Rachel Andrew Overtime Bag

If you’re tired of switching from purse to briefcase to diaper bag to carry-on for travel, work, and motherhood…I’ve got a stylish solution for you! The Rachel Andrew Overtime Bag is spacious enough to store your wallet, sunglasses, makeup and keys…and still have room for a sippy cup or bottle, snacks for the kiddos, diapers…and […]

Travel Quiz: Where Should I Go on Vacation?

Travel quiz - where should I go on vacation?

The world is such a large place with so much to explore–it can be difficult to narrow down all of the vacation destination options to pick the perfect spot for your next holiday. Travel Mamas is here to solve your travel conundrum! Take our eight-question travel quiz to discover where you should go on your […]

You Might Have Decision Fatigue If…

You might have decision fatigue if...!

I have decision fatigue. Do you have it too? This is the age of personalized-everything…from half-caf soy lattes with two pumps of white chocolate and whip, to craft-your-own sandwich shops, online build-your-own car options, and shoe websites sort-able by size, color, fabric, heel-size and more. Between making life’s big decisions and all of this customization, do we just […]

Babymoon Tips for Parents-to-Be

Couple time is the best part of a babymoon (Photo credit: Lillie Marshall)

What expectant parent wouldn’t like one last vacation before the new baby arrives? A relatively new concept, babymoons have become a hot travel trend for couples seeking one last baby-free holiday. Parents-to-be can connect, relax and enjoy each other’s company before the child is born and life changes forever. I interviewed four fellow family travel […]

Best Travel Destinations of the Year

Throw net fishing in Hana

As another year comes to a close, some may look back on the highs and lows of the past 12 months. Others set career and personal goals for the coming year. Many will vow not to break New Year’s resolutions (for once!). But travel enthusiasts like us here at Travel Mamas look at everything through […]

Give Kids the Gift of Travel at Christmas and All Year

One of our Europe maps

As expats in Europe, trying to live by the mantra of “collect moments not things” isn’t always easy. You can imagine all of the fun and unique keepsakes that we stumble upon during our various European excursions. The biggest challenge is keeping our three young children on board with this mentality. For every birthday and […]

Holiday Gifts for Travel Families

Lonely Planet's Not for Parents Series

Got a travel-loving kid or adult on your gift list this year? Have we got some wonderful travel-inspired gift ideas for you! From presents for children on the go, to gifts for global tweens and teens, to ideas for Travel Mamas and Travel Daddies—here are our picks for the best holiday gifts for travel families. […]