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7 Tips to Make Your Tween Daughter Less Sassy & More Sweet

I felt like I had lost my sweet daughter. She had become much sassier and more argumentative. She didn’t laugh as much or want to play with her little brother. Now? Things are getting better. So much better, in fact, that I have been reflecting on what helped get her back to her kindhearted self. Based on […]

Hot and Cold in Arizona – Adjusting to Life in the Desert

“I am moving away from Arizona the minute I graduate and I am never, ever moving back,” I said, all red-faced and out of breath from my blazing hot 3-mile bike ride from Arizona State University. My former roommate and current best friend recently reminded me that I told her this almost daily during my senior year of college. But here […]

5 Reasons NOT to Stay with Relatives this Holiday Season

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marriott.com. All opinions are 100% mine. Of course you love your relatives, quirks and all. There’s your great-aunt with her affinity for squeezing your cheeks, your boisterous uncle sipping his bourbon-laced coffee all day, your weepy sister who cries at every sappy movie and any mention […]

My Family Is Moving to Arizona!

My family is moving to Arizona in a few days. We had planned to go for months, and then we weren’t moving, and now suddenly we are. I’ve been suffering from migraine headaches and what I assume are near panic attacks due to all of the stress of preparing for the move and my worries that […]

Romantic Getaway at Scottsdale’s Intercontinental Montelucia Resort & Spa

After a hectic day that included a trip to the emergency room for one of our children (don’t worry, she’s fine!), the minute my husband and I stepped into the lobby at the Intercontinental Montelucia Resort & Spa in Scottsdale we could feel our tensions begin to drift away. During our trip to Arizona to visit family this past fall we left the kids at my parents’ house and checked into this luxurious resort for a mini romantic getaway filled with fine dining, good wine, spa treatments, relaxation and, of course, romance.

Phoenix Restaurants Worthy of Craving

I lived in Arizona for most of my childhood and I’ve been going back once or twice most years since I moved away fourteen years ago. So, what’s on my must-do list when I return, beyond visiting my family and long-time friends? Eating! Here’s a list of the eateries I try to squeeze in during any trip home.

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