Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Traditions Around the World

On Becoming a Mother book - Pregnancy, Birth and Babies Around the World

Globally-minded, expectant parents learn how pregnancy, childbirth and babyhood is celebrated around the world in On Becoming a Mother. This book, by award-winning journalist and filmmaker Brigid McConville, is filled with reflections of real-life pregnancies, birth experiences and babyhood traditions from Bangladesh to Uganda to Spain, and a multitude of places in between. Mothers-to-be who love learning about other […]

Eat, Drink, Travel and Be Nice – World Tour of the Web

Usually I try to come up with some sort of clever theme for these weekly World Tour of the Web posts, but I have got a bunch of deadlines looming, my eye is twitching from lack of sleep, and I couldn’t find a way to tie these up with a big travel-themed bow. So, here […]