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Marriott Loves Tots Who Travel

Marriott is going above and beyond to make sure its youngest guests are welcomed, comfortable, and safe at more than 2,500 Marriott brand hotels with its new Tots Travel Too program. To celebrate, Marriott wants to give you an opportunity to win a Tots Travel Too gift pack! Read on to find out more about the program and how you can enter to win.

marriott tots travel too logo

The complimentary Tots Travel Too program provides parents with a travel crib and laundered COVERPLAY removable crib slipcover. Outlet covers and nightlights are available to keep baby safe and secure away from home. Even toiletries for tots and disposable bibs are on-hand. Plus Marriott will give your wee one an adorable squirting tub toy for bath-time fun to take home with you.

With many airlines requiring payment for checked baggage, gone are the days when it was easy to just bring along your own travel crib. A few months ago, I recommended COVERPLAY as a convenient way to keep cribs germ-free while traveling in Your Travel Questions Answered.

Now your baby can sleep soundly and healthfully at any Marriott brand hotel in a crib protected with a cover that mom and dad know has been cleaned just for your family. In partnership with COVERPLAY, Marriott has had slipcovers specifically designed to match the décor at all of their brand locations, which include Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn, and TownePlace Suites.

marriott tots travel too gift pack

Enter to Win!
THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. To find out who won, see Top 10 Travel Tips from Parents of Tots.

One lucky Travel Mama or Travel Daddy will win a Tots Travel Too gift pack, which includes:

• COVERPLAY travel crib slipcover and matching sheet in a Marriott-exclusive polka-dot pattern.

• Bibs to Go Book by Dwell, a waterproof pad of 20 full-color illustrations, each of which tears off to become a disposable, tab-closure bib.

• Animal Party Tub Squirties by ElegantBaby made with non-toxic paint and phthalate-free PVC.

To enter, simply leave a comment below with a tip for traveling with babies or children. That’s it!

I will choose the winner based on what I believe is the best travel tip.  The deadline for the giveaway is Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time. All tips will be posted at The Motherhood after the contest has concluded. Approximate retail value is $78.

Do You Blog?
You do NOT need to write a blog to enter! But if you do, please be sure to leave your blog name and URL for inclusion the tip list on The Motherhood. Plus, the winner’s blog name and URL will be included a press release.

Do You Tweet?
Be sure to join us for a Twitter Party on July 1 from 6 to 7 pm Pacific Standard Time where tips from The Motherhood circle will be shared, the Tots Travel Too program will be discussed and you will have a chance to win over $2,000 in prizes! The hashtag for the party is #TotsTravel2.

A Note from the Travel Mama: I am working in partnership with Marriott and Global Influence – a Resourceful Mommy Media network – to cover the Marriott Tots Travel Too program and have received a stipend.

About Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama

Colleen Lanin is the founder/editor-in-chief of TravelMamas.com. As the author of her book, "The Travel Mamas' Guide," she teaches parents not only how to survive a trip with children, but also how to love exploring the world with their offspring. Her stories have appeared online and in print for such outlets as the "Today" show, NBCNews.com, Parenting Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, Expedia, San Diego Family Magazine, and more. Colleen gives tips on television, radio, and as a public speaker. She has a master’s degree in business administration with a background in marketing. She lives in Arizona with her husband and two kids.


  1. Emily E says:

    Very cool. We frequent Marriotts, so I’m glad they are doing this now!

    hmm- travel with tots advice… the most important thing to remember when travelling with babies and toddlers is that you have to learn to go with the flow. Trying to keep to a strict schedule will only lead to troubles.

  2. My travelling tip: bring more diapers, wipes, and formula than you think you’ll need. And don’t forget to bring your patience and a sense of humor!

  3. I have two tips that work very well for us when we fly with toddler:
    1- we buy drinks to our fellow travelers in the seats in front and behind us as a thanks for putting up with baby’s ups and downs during the flight
    2- don’t forget to include a change of clothes for mom too! add and extra change to your diaper bag, with the little room to manuver, messes most likely will land on you!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. harmskills says:

    hmmm… best travel tip. Make a list of what you need to pack. Make the list way in advance so you can review it several times. As you pack, cross each item off the list as it goes in the bag. Check the list as you walk out the door. That will help you from forgetting things that can only be packed last minute such as a favorite toy, or a sleep machine. You could get fancy and computerize/save the list!

    PS My website is ttp://baby-to-go.blogspot.com

  5. Organize and make an itinerary and you can’t go wrong. Airplane gear, clothes and pajamas in a carry on bag in case of lost luggage ( which has unfortunately happened to me )

  6. Lindley A says:

    We are staying at a Residence Inn by Marriott for our orlando vacation at the end of the summer so I am so excited to learn about this program! What a thoughtful perk!
    My best travel tip for vacationing with little ones is using one of those scrapbooking/craft rolling suitcases as our baby carry-on. It has lots of compartments for the small stuff and separated areas so we can divide out clothes, swim stuff, diapers, etc. Also is great for toys and books so you can keep all the gear (including snacks, bibs, medicines, etc.) all in one place!

  7. Jennifer C. says:

    Always travel with plenty of activities for your child! Allow them to travel in comfy clothing and keep plenty of hand wipes on hand because of all of the dirty things you touch while you travel!

  8. My travel tip would be to enjoy it! Don’t get bummed because your child/children got cranky or didn’t want to take a picture with their favorite character. Because before you know it they are going to be bigger, older, and not want to do the pictures or vacations. So take lots of pictures with them cranky or not so you and them can remember the moment of when they were young, impressionable, little and still love vacations as long as it is with their parents!

  9. My favorite travel trip would be to use diapers.com to ship supplies to where you are going before you get there!! We did a huge trip at Christmas last year and it was so nice to walk into my brothers house and have my shipment waiting!!! No need to worry about diapers, wipes, etc!

  10. Jennifer Eng says:

    The best toy I’ve found to travel with is the Aquadoodle. The pen only contains water, so no messy ink to deal with and if it runs out, you just run to the lav and refill it! It’s kept our son busy for long periods of time in the air!

  11. take at least two spare outfits on the plane

  12. Melissa says:

    I suggest all parents bring Ziploc-style bags. I pack our carryon luggage with travel items separated into various Ziploc-style bags: one for snacks; another with a sippy cup (the lid is invaluable for whatever drink your child(ren) order from the flight attendant); a bag of small toys (Matchbox cars, crayons, markers, etc.); individual bags packed with an alternate outfit for each of us; another for our boarding passes, hotel and rental car info; another with toddler books; a bag with diaper and wipes; etc. The small bags allow everything to stay separated AND dry. Plus, if we need a place to store something sticky, dirty, smelly or just plain gross, we have a bag to stuff and then toss.

  13. When all else fails grab the airline magazine and search for pictures of dogs. If your toddler loves puppies it works every time.

  14. Bring extra clothes, just in case 🙂

  15. Meredith says:

    Lots and lots of baby wipes. You can use them to clean stick hands, clean off a table before lunch or clean up a mess in the car.

  16. If traveling by plane, bring at least two changes of clothes for the baby and one for yourself! Also bring more wipes, diapers and snacks/food then you think you’ll need. In the end, patience and a positive attitude may be all you have to get you through a long/hectic day of traveling!

  17. brandlyn says:

    Bring lots of snacks, coloring books and crayons so the kids will not get bored.

  18. keep a stash of fun stuff to do (toys, activities, etc.) that only comes out on long trips. that way the items stay fun and exciting and hold the attention of little ones longer.

  19. Monique Rizzo says:

    Bring a few new toys along that they havent seen before and break em out at the needed times!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  20. Bring toys/stuff to do, stop often to stretch, be patient

  21. My traveling tip is to try to keep kids on their regular schedules for eating and sleeping. They have enough changes with the environment and people they see that this helps keep them calmer.

  22. susan varney says:

    travel at night makes life easier for everyone mverno@roadrunner.com

  23. My travel advice is this: remember to make it fun for you, too, Moms! Kids love to see their parents having a good time, and why wouldn’t they? It’s comforting to kids to see their parents happy and content, and this eases the travel stress on everyone!

  24. Allow about twice as much time as you think you’ll need! Sometimes it doesn’t take that long, but then you’re not frustrated in the end!

  25. We always pack an overnight bag with an extra change of clothes, extra diapers, wipes, wetbag, and even a twin flat sheet for our little one to lay on and play or use as bedding for him in a pinch.

    I also pack an iPod touch. Our son has to have his lullabies, but we also have tons of audiobooks and interactive children’s programs to keep him entertained.

  26. Kerrie G says:

    Our family just returned from vacation! We have a 8 year old, 2.5 year old and a 10 month old. My best travel tip is bring your own snacks and have plenty on water available for your kiddos at all times.

  27. My best tip for traveling with a little one is to travel during nap time or in the evening when they will fall asleep during the traveling.

  28. Always pack a bag with at least one diaper, a ziploc with wipes, a small water bottle, entertainment and most important…patience. Traveling with kids can be really stressful, try and not let it get to you.

  29. well I am expecting my first baby so I will just say what I will do when we travel back home at Christmas. I would bring a bag that is close at hand and easy to find in the car with wipes and lots of diapers and snacks for me so I don’t get cranky =)

  30. Julie Davis says:

    Not only bring a change of clothes for your kids but one for you too!

  31. my tip – don’t get stressed by all the advice that your friends give you if it’s your first time traveling with babies. everyone has their 2 cents to add in, and ultimately, you don’t need what everyone says you will, and your babies will be just fine!!! make sure to plan ahead, give yourself some extra time, and realize that people really give allowances when you’re traveling with babies. (most people let you cut ahead of them, or they give you extra space if you’re nice and your baby smiles at them)

  32. Annette D says:

    When my kids were too young to understand the concept of time, they still asked the question that all parents dread “When will we get there?’” To give them an answer that they could understand, we would tell them in terms of their favorite TV shows. So 1/2 hour would be, “we will be there in one Barney.” The answer seemed to satisfy them because they understood how long the Barney show lasted.

  33. Jill Myrick says:

    For traveling with our children I pack each their own age appropriate backpack.
    In their backpacks they will find snacks, drinks, games, a blanket and small pillow and their comfort items such as their favorite teddy bear.
    This keeps them occupied and happy. And makes the trip a lot better for everyone.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  34. Amanda D. says:

    Important tip: Don’t forget the portable DVD player or the hand sanitizer.

    macd9900 at gmail dot com

  35. helenlam says:

    My tip is to bring in your carry-on a full day’s supply of clothes, diapers, and wipes when flying. Even for a short trip, you never know what delays might occur and it’s extremely difficult to try to find those items in an airport!

  36. We travel by plane at least twice a year to visit family. My granddaughter is especially good on the plane but even so, sometimes there is a tantrum or two. The tried and true traveling tricks usually do the job: drinks, snacks and a new toy or book

  37. When traveling with kids is a challenge, but keep it simple and stress free. Make sure you are well prepared to travel by car, air plane, bus, or train. You know your child better then anyone and kids will test you. So, here my tips: Make sure you take some of their favorite items such as a book, music they listen too, DVD’s ) or even something NEW, which will keep them occupied for a few hours (which is wonderful) Participate with them, when your taking a trip by car- sing songs (Toddlers love to sing)-(sit in the back with them and color along with them) -When you stop for gas- take a break and pick your little one up and go for a quick walk in the store. Most of all don’t get frustrated, kids can sense when a parent is frustrated and they will act the same way. Just think of traveling with kids as the best trip ever and don’t get all wired if something does not work the way you planned it. Life if full of challenging and one of the challenges is traveling with kids, so have a great time and laugh and have fun. Most of all be stress free- and enjoy your trip. I know because I travel to Europe and South-America often and I have to be on a flight for 9 to 10 hours. On time we were stranded with our little one, it was hard but we made the best of it.
    Thanks for letting me write my essay. LOL 🙂

  38. always plan in an extra half hour or hour. It his hard with little kids to stick to a strict schedule, so take your time.

  39. We’ve had great success when traveling with our 13-month old by packing in our carry-on new (quiet) toys and snacks. My son spent so much time with each new toy I pulled out of my bag. In fact we never got to all the new toys I brought. And the new treats make it interesting for his appetite/taste buds. Without fail when we would land at our next destination, many people around us would comment on how good he was on the flight and what a great sleeper he was. HA!

  40. We always bring out nightlights and snuggly blankets.

  41. A portable dvd player, plenty of snacks, and new toys/coloring books are a must!

  42. for me it is lots and lots of patience with lots of snacks and lots of little toys and stuff that are new and have never been played with so they will be exciting! A portable dvd player wouldn’t hurt too.

  43. Take a portable DVD player and plenty of snacks

  44. For car trips, we used to plan a few rest stops along the way. We also take along some traveling games and coloring books.

    onedayitwillbealright @ gmail dot com

  45. carol y l says:

    I always take pillows in the car and a blanket for them. We fill a cooler with bottles and food that they are used. This way we know they will be eating healthy food and food that they like so they will feel their best. Also it prevents problems with finding food on the road when they really need to eat.
    Before we leave I buy a few small toys or games they can play with in the car to keep them busy, or if they are older a new book or two.

  46. My travel tip- ziplock bags! I hate wasting food, so I make sure to bring bags to every restaurant when I’m on vacation. Save little baggies of your food for snacks later on. We did it at Disney World and instead of forking over $10 for a churro at snacktime, I’d just pull a bag of orange slices or chicken nuggets I’d saved at lunchtime. Cheaper AND healthier (well, usually lol)
    kimhigueria at gmail dot com

  47. My travel tips are to bring what I call disposables. I always go and buy a traveling outfit that if it gets spilled on or stained…it doesn’t matter. I also like to get the kids some surprise toys from the dollar store. I keep them hidden until the ,”I have been in the car long enough” tantrums start. They love it. The most important tip I can give however is to just be flexible. I have taken many cross country trips with kids from infancy to now pre teen. The only thing I can say is that things don’t always go as planned. When you can relax and just accept it…it makes things easier for you and the kids.

  48. Michelle B says:

    Pack a cooler with drinks and bring enough snacks for the trip.
    we also pack a few surprise treats new toys and colouring books

  49. Vanessa says:

    My best tip would have to be making lists ahead of time and packing ahead! I know it’s simple, but it has saved me so much time!

  50. tina reynolds says:

    We let the kids play on ipod touchs and they are so quiet you can get to many apps even for 3 and 4 year olds. A lot of them are free.

  51. Carla Spence says:

    Always pack snacks and lots of water.

  52. Sean Fidance says:

    Wear them out before a long car ride so that they’ll be sleepy and they’ll just fall asleep instead of getting bored and fidgety.

  53. also make sure you pack something for the kids to do.crayons,coloring books,etc

  54. Be sure to pack lots of healthy (and mess-free) snacks!

  55. Bring a backpack full of toys, games, books and activities to keep them busy.

  56. I only pack enough diapers for the first day and then buy diapers when I get to me destination. They take up so much room in the suitcase. For my six year old I try to get something new for him to take on the plane to play with, maybe a new coloring book, or card game.

  57. Abigail says:

    Bring special *favorite* snacks that you can use to bribe your little ones (we bring healthy fruit snacks or yogurt covered raisins). Also if you have to stay in a motel…stay with one with a pool.

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