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Halloween was magical when I was a kid. I got to dress up like a pretty pink ballerina. I was allowed to take candy from strangers. After a parental perusal for razor blades, I would sort my sugary bounty into categories: chocolate, suckers, gum and other. With a mouthful of nougat, the trading began. My big brother, master of persuasion, would convince me to hand over two mini Snickers for a measly Bazooka Joe. I went to bed with a distended belly, sticky hands, and a smile.

Family Home Exchange

Then came the confusing teen years when I continued trick-or-treating “to be ironic” and accepted a beer from the young dudes at one house. In college there was the inevitable scramble to find a last-minute party and corresponding last-minute homemade Marsha-from-Brady-Bunch-get-up. By my twenties, Halloween had become a source of stress and a competition to find the adequately sexy (yet not slutty) costume.

With the birth of my first child, the wonder and innocence of a childhood Halloween returned. My family makes the most of this holiday with trips to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland, Brick-or-Treat Nights at LEGOLAND California, and our local pumpkin patch and Halloween carnival. This World Tour of the Web is a collection of all things fun and festive for Halloween this year.

Top 9 Ridiculously Funny Halloween Costumes for Baby – Deals 4 Dummies
Still debating how to dress up your baby for Halloween? How about as a pine tree air freshener or baby Elvis? These will make you chuckle…or cringe…or both.

Photo Essay: Incredible Pictures of Pumpkin Patches – Sharing Travel Experiences
Take a peek at the world’s largest pumpkin patch, around-the-world patches, and even a glass pumpkin patch in this gorgeous post celebrating all photos pumpkin.

Dinner in a Pumpkin – Macaroni Kid
Kids will be happy to eat this healthy stew served in its jack-o-lantern cooking container. Boo apetit!

Halloween Jokes for Kids – Coupons are Great
What does a bird say on Halloween? Trick-or-tweet. Sweet jokes like these are simple enough for little ones to remember and re-tell (over and over and over!).

10 Easy-to-Make Halloween Cupcakes – Atlanta with Kid
From mummy cupcakes made from marshmallows to spider cupcakes made with pretzel sticks for legs, a chocolate truffle body and cinnamon candy red eyes, these treats look like a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit. These would make a monstrous treat at a Halloween party.

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Great roundup! Here are some pics of what Halloween looks like in Seattle


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