Family Travel World Tour of the Web

For this World Tour of the Web, I asked some of my fellow family travel bloggers to share links to their all-time favorite posts. There’s something here for everyone: inspiration, practical travel tips, cutural observations, beautiful photos, and comic relief. Enjoy!

Girl hiking

10 Lessons from 10 Years Adventuring with Kids
by Kirstie Pelling, The Family Adventure Project
This post will inspire you to get over any fears you may have about traveling with children so you can start exploring the world as a family.

My Tips for Traveling While Pregnant
by Nicole Wiltrout, Arrows Sent Forth
Whether you are thinking about becoming a parent, you’re pregnant for the first time, or you’re expecting again…these handy tips will help you to enjoy traveling during a pregnancy.

Money Saving Tips the Travel Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
by Debbie Dubrow, Delicious Baby
These clever tips will help you take that family vacation, even on a tight budget.

Just Another Day in China: The Haircut
by Heather Greenwood Davis, Globtrotting Mama

On a world tour with her family, this mama delights in the culturally different “spa day” that unfolded after asking for a simple buzz cut for her two boys.

A Day Trip to Cuba’s Beautiful Playa Pilar
by Corinne McDermott, Have Baby Will Travel
The author, Corinne McDermott, said of this story, “It’s the pictures on this post that I love looking at–especially now that the weather’s getting so dreary and grey.” If you live somewhere chilly and are longing for a slice of beachy paradise right about now, drink in the lovely photos in this article about a beach visit in Cuba.

Courageously Facing Special Needs Through Travel 
by Heather Reed, Trekaroo

Warning: this one will make you tear up. A few of these tips for traveling with children with special needs could apply to all kids.

Tales from the Moluccas #2 Happiness on the Riverbank
by Theodora Sutcliffe, Travels with a Nine Year Old
This post will have you pondering the benefits and downfalls of living in the present moment, the usefulness of curiosity and inventions, and even the simplest act of “being” in the world.

Top 12 Things I Learned at Disney World 
by Debbie Abrams Kaplan, Frisco Kids

And now for some comic relief! Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the wonder of Walt Disney World.

I received so many fabulous stories from my fellow family travel bloggers, I’ve decided to break this into a two-part post. Check back next week for another round-up of family travel stories.

About Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama

Colleen Lanin is a mom of two and the founder/editor-in-chief of As the author of THE TRAVEL MAMAS' GUIDE, she teaches parents not only how to survive a trip with children, but also how to love exploring the world with their offspring. Her stories have appeared online and in print for such outlets as the "Today" show,, Parenting Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, Expedia, San Diego Family Magazine, and more. Colleen teaches blogging classes and has given travel tips on television, radio, and as a paid video blogger. She has a master’s degree in business administration with a background in marketing.


  1. Kirstie – I’m happy to include your story! Thanks for sharing your wonderful travel lessons!

  2. Nice work Colleen! There’s so much amazing content out there and it’s so great when people take the time to pull it together and make it easier for everyone to find it. What a wonderfully diverse set of posts featured here. Thanks for including me 😉

  3. what a great list – thanks for sharing this!

  4. I LOVE this idea. Must steal it & try it with some of my fellow outdoor bloggers :-)

  5. Wandering Educators & Debi – I KNOW you have an awesome post to share on family travel…please do! :-)

  6. Nancy from Family on Bikes – Love your post on making the leap to living your dreams. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Awesome posts! I’ve read a couple and am looking forward to reading the rest!

  8. Sophie, thank you for adding your link! I love how the story is written for the child, not the parent.

  9. Interesting selection of posts here. Especially intrigued by the ones on Cuba and China. Look forward to having a closer look :)

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