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Fasten your lap belt and return your seat to its proper position because you’re about to take flight with a round-up of air travel inspired stories in this week’s World Tour of the Web.

Airplanes ready for take-off

TSA Watch: Why Underwear Protests Really Embarass You
by Christopher Elliott
For safety reasons, I refuse to go through the “naked” scanners or have my children go through them, which resulted one time in my 6-year-old getting a pat-down from a snarky, domineering TSA agent. Maybe next time the whole family should sport swimsuits at the airport instead?

AA Flight Attendant Expects to Be Fired Over Parody Videos
by Scott Jordan,
Watch my friend and fellow travel blogger, Gailen David, mock an American Airlines executive in these video clips. Gailen, you slay me!

Brazil Jet Makes Forced Stop After Pilot Attack
by Bradley Books, Associated Press, Travel News on
This pilot-attacking nut ball is so scary, but I’m pleased to see how, over 10 years since 9/11, passengers refuse to take any crazy crap from anoyone on board an airplane.

Air Travel and Pregnancy
Here’s some helpful information specifically for pregnant travelers, such as quick tips for healthy air travel including how to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis (for which pregnant women are more susceptible), how to stay comfy on flights, and a breakdown of pregnant travel policies by airline.

Back in the Day: Airline Websites as They Looked in the Year 2000
by Cynthia Drescher, Jaunted
Check out an amusing look back at the old-school versions of airline websites in their infancy.

Air travel can be painful, but a friendly crew, free Wi-Fi, and an inflight movie does wonders. What’s your favorite airline and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I particularly love the post “airline travel and pregnancy.” One of the tips was to keep their seatbelts on most of the time is always taken for granted. The article also gives good info on the list of airlines with their policies on pregnant women traveling was really helpful.

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